Lefkada offers a wealth of events
open to all.
Local traditional festivities
(panegyria), religious ceremonies
and customs, cultural festivals
and various affairs, summer schools,
as well as some serious sports
annual events of international grade.



Panegyria (singular: panegyri / πανηγύρι) are linked to specific religious holidays and their respective worship places in the area and the majority of them are familiar to all versions of Christianity. They are mostly celebrated with one or more days of leisure and traditional circle dancing until morning hours to the music of Zagori old folk tunes.
For a calendar of this year’s Zagori panegyria please click here.

Sport Events

Sport Events are mostly organized annually. They include the known marathon Zagori Mountain Running, the most important of its kind in Greece, known as the Zagori Race as well, the Mountain Bike Marathon “Protect Aoos” MTB Ultra and other important bike marathons organized in various parts of Zagori.

Cultural Festivals

Cultural Festivals, as well as single cultural events are always organized in all parts of Zagori, each year.
The Vovousa Festival, in Vovousa village of East Zagori, is an annual happening organized each year between late July and beginning of August, offering a wide array of events, shows and seminars related to local culture, the arts and the environment. The rich program includes both, Greek language and non language specific events.
The Mushroom Fest, in Ano Pedina village, a two days festival dedicated to the local wild mushrooms, usually in early June.
Α low value admission fee is required.
The Land Beyond, based in the village of Vitsa, offers a wealth of cultural and educational activities and seminars in both, English and Greek.

Cultural Workshops