Museums & Collections

Museums in Zagori are dedicated
to local traditional culture and life,
as well as to art in general.


  • The Rizarios Exhibition Center in Monodendri square, with annual Black and White photographic exhibitions
  • The Kostas Lazarides Natural History Museum, with dried wild flowers of Vikos Canyon and Zagori, situated in the village of Koukouli. These two museums are run by the Rizarios Foundation, established by Monodendri benefactors Georgios and Manthos Rizaris.
  • The Sarakatsaniki Stani museum, a faithful representation of a Sarakatsani seasonal settlement, in an open area of 16.000 square meters. Sarakatsani or Sarakatsans are transhumant shepherds who used to settle with their sheep in the alpine areas of Zagori, during summers.
  • A collection of 30 distinctive wild flowers of Zagori in color photographs by local photographer Costas Zissis’s, housed in Zissis hotel, Aristi village.
  • Several important museums and collections are in the making or almost ready at the moment and hopefully we will be able to include them here soon. Such as the the International Center for Epirus Music – ICME, in Kato Pedina, The Agapios Tolis Folklore Museum in Kipi, or the Museum of Old Professions in Elafotopos.