Zagori Natural Monuments

Zagori belongs in its entirety
to the Northern Pindos
National Park.
On the East and West of its parts
has the National Forests of Valia Calda
and Vikos-Aoos and the in between area,
several Natura 2000 protected areas.
More importantly, Zagori has a large part
in the Vikos-Aoos UNESCO Global Geopark
and is now nominated for the inscription
on the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Zagori also has three of his villages
declared by the Greek State
Landscapes of Exceptional Natural Beauty,
Mikro & Megalo Papingo, Dilofo and Monodendri.

Some of the most important highlights of the area are,
the Vikos Canyon – Χαράδρα του Βίκου, the Aoos Gorge – Χαράδρα του Αώου, the Voidomatis River – Βοϊδομάτης Ποταμός, the Drakolimni or the Dragon’s Lake – Δρακολίμνη.
The Pindos National Park website offers some detailed information for all important aspects of Zagori
and the surrounding areas.
Additional information can be acquired
in Callisto the NGO’s website.