Zagori and its natural monuments
are home to a variety
of wild animals.
The wild goat
(Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica),
bear (Ursus arctos),
wild boar (Sus scrofa),
otter (Lutra lutra),
wolf (Canis Lupus),
wildcat (Felis silvestris)
and roe deer
(Capreolus capreolus),
are among the 60 species
of mammals living in the area,
considered the most rich in Greece.
The golden eagle (Aguila chrysaetos),
Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)
and other birds of prey,
the rock partridge (Alectoris graeca),
are some of the about
110 birds species
identified in Zagori.

More detailed information
can be acquired at the
Pindos National Park website, as well as at the NGO Callisto’s website